Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Overwhelmed Procrastinator

Time to admit what everyone knows already.  I'm not very good at this blogging thing.  Yep, it's been over 3 months since I last posted, and I have A LOT more to say about Israel, among other events/revelations.  Why haven't I up to this point?  Procrastination.  Again.  Or more likely, still.

Earlier today, I posted the following status on Facebook, "I want to write, do art, spray paint, clean, go to Troy Daze, be lazy. So far lazy is largely winning."  It was a lighthearted status, but it ended up getting me thinking about my life and why I procrastinate.  Truth is, I get overwhelmed with life's tasks...and to top that off, we are supposed to take the time enjoy life too (you know, life abundantly).  So, today I literally walked from room to room, saw how much needed to be done in each room.  Then thought about the things I would have enjoyed doing instead.  That's when I sat back down on the couch and kicked my feet up. Don't get me wrong, I did accomplish some tasks today: twoloads of wash, cleaned out my car,  and bought a few groceries.  Still, I could have accomplished more had I not been overwhelmed to the point of doing nothing (for a while).

This is one of those neat and tidy posts where I have everything figured out.  Yeah right!  Plus I am quite sure it has many grammar and/or content errors.  That's ok.  My goals are 1: Get back to blogging, 2: Get some feedback...

What do YOU DO to keep from being overwhelmed to the point of procrastinating??

Today I am thanking God that He is always working on us to make us more like Him.  Lord, give me a willing, changeable heart!